(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. traveler, vagabond, hobo, vagrant, bum, panhandler; jaunt, journey, hike, freighter; tread, walk, stroll; slang, prostitute. See populace, impurity. —v. i. walk, tread, step, plod, trudge, travel, hike; trample, stamp. See travel.
(Roget's IV) n.
1. [A vagrant]
Syn. vagabond, vagrant, wanderer, bum, hobo, outcast, panhandler, drifter, derelict, hitchhiker, gypsy, loafer, unemployable, yegg*, rail-rider*, knight of the road*, moocher*, bo, flipper; see also beggar 1 .
2. [Heavy footfalls]
Syn. trample, march, stamping, stomping, treading, gallop, pounding, hoofing*, gallumphing*; see also step 1 , tread .
3. [A long walk, often in rough country]
Syn. hike, ramble, tour, march, turn, stroll, saunter, excursion, expedition, walking trip, stretch*, shin*, mush*; see also walk 3 .
4. [Prostitute]
Syn. whore, harlot, slut; see prostitute .
Syn.- vagrant refers to a person without a fixed home who wanders about from place to place, with no regular means of support, and in legal usage, implies such a person regarded as a public nuisance, subject to arrest; vagabond , orig. implying shiftlessness, rascality, etc., now often connotes no more than a carefree, roaming existence; tramp , bum , and hobo are informal equivalents for the preceding, but bum always connotes an idle, dissolute, often alcoholic person who never works, tramp and hobo connote a vagrant, whether one who lives by begging or by doing odd jobs; hobo now also means a migratory laborer v.
1. [To tread heavily]
Syn. march, stamp, gallop, pound, stomp, tread, trample, trip, hop, do a jig, hoof it*, galumph around*; see also walk 1 .
2. [To wander afoot]
Syn. hike, stroll, ramble, tour, walk about, take a turn, go on a walking tour, explore the countryside; see also march , walk 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. hobo vagrant, transient, *bum, vagabond, derelict, street person, homeless person, panhandler, beggar.
2. hike or march walk, trek, expedition, traipse.
stamp, tread, trudge, plod, stump, slog, hike, march, wander, travel, ramble, trek, traipse.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb x 1. To walk with loud, heavy steps: stamp, stomp, trample. Informal: tromp. See MOVE, SOUNDS. 2. To travel about or journey on foot: backpack, hike, march1, peregrinate, traipse, trek. See MOVE. 3. To step on heavily and repeatedly so as to crush, injure, or destroy: stamp, stomp, trample, tread, tromp. See HELP. II noun A vulgar promiscuous woman who flouts propriety: baggage, hussy, jade, slattern, slut, tart2, wanton, wench, whore. Slang: floozy. See SEX.

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